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More right-solid
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Community Software
by The Operation Doomtrain Team
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comment 0 Though this possible the best title in the entire PSP catalog, its release date, being at the end of the console’s lifetime, made it impossible for western players to enjoy it. Claiming  “market reasons”, Square Enix never released and English localized version. Rumors say they even canceled an almost complete localization after years of work. Despite being a...
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Community Images
by id Software
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comment 0 John Romero: "HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, DOOM! In honor of this legal drinking age birthday, I'm about to release some never-before-seen DOOM game art!" "The festival of DOOM art tweets comes to a close. Hope you enjoyed it. Now you can download these hi-res PNGs here: "
Topics: DOOM, first-person shooter, video games, development artwork
Community Software
by moshboy
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The Pirate Bay Bundle Proudly presented by @moshboy 101 small, weird, free, mostly ignored videogames bundled into a torrent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those with shitty internet, a full game list: Save Ultimate Wainbow Kitty: Connect: Soul jelly: Zone Runner:...
Topics: pirate bay bundle, freeware games, videogame bundles, indie games, independent videogames, pixels,...
Source: torrent:urn:sha1:b451022826f63c15fefc24bc91d0284adbee5c21
The Archive Team Just In Time Grabs
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comment 0  The archive is down for good. I'm really sorry about this, but I just can't keep maintaining it anymore. It was a fun few years, though! I'll be seeding the sql databases and thumbnails of /r9k/, /k/ and /mlp/ for a few weeks so grab them while you can. You can find the torrent here. Please only download it if you know what you are doing. As for the other boards, I don't think I can be arsed to upload them. Anon is a faggot !!rQt35ZFG3/u   
Topic: imageboard
Source: torrent:urn:sha1:b6ecdef85aeca3b561e47fb3bbba41e2e12aa735
CD-ROM Images
by The Operation Doomtrain Team
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comment 0 This set of files will allow you to merge both “Final Fantasy Type-0″ ISO’s into a single one that will contain the whole game, so no disc swapping will be needed. I made this with the  English Translation Project  in mind, as translating a single disc is way easier than translating two with a lot of common files. Once both disc’s have been merged, it is possible to access...
Topics: video games, PSP, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Type-0, fan translation, video game translations